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7 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Ralph Lauren 4D Projection Mapping Show

Herhangi bir markanın“Dijitalde 10 Yıl” kampanyasını gördüğümüzde bununla ilgili neler yapabileceğini az çok tahmin edebiliriz ama marka Ralph Lauren olduğunuz işler biraz değişiyor.İzleyenleri şaşırtan yüksek bütçeli 4D mapping uygulamasıyla Ralph Lauren ,bizlere müşteriler tarafından rengi,monogramı seçilebilen polo tshirtlerden oluşan “Design Your Own” koleksiyonunu sunarak müşterilerinin kendilerini özel hissetmelerini sağlamayı amaçlıyor.
Herhangi bir moda mağazası için tüm dünyada kullanılmış ilk 4D mapping özelliğini taşıyan uygulama,izleyenleri görsel bir yolculuğa çıkarıyor.
Drive Productions kampanya yöneticisi Ben Fender ,bu çekilde bir mimari 4d mapping videosunun yaratıcılıkla teknolojik imkanların harmanıyla nadiren yapıldığını ama tüketici üzerinde çok iyi etkiler bıraktığını söylüyor.

When Ralph Lauren celebrated its '10 Years of Digital' anniversary with an extravagant 4D projection in New York and London in December, it was more a media event than a campaign. But when Ralph Lauren launched its 'Design Your Own' collection at Berlin's prestigious KaDeWe department store, the 8-minute film was re-configured for the indoor location. 
'Design Your Own' is a new customisable range of polo shirts. Customers select their colour of shirt, and can then choose their favourite Ralph Lauren monogram, in whatever colour they choose - creating the perfect polo just for them.

The atrium of one of Europe's largest luxury department stores, the KaDeWe in Berlin, has been taken over for the entire month of August, with a bespoke 4D digital arts installation from Drive Productions running six times a day. This is the first time 4D mapping has been used inside a fashion store anywhere in the world.

Powerful architectural projection mapping technology takes the audience on a visual journey, creating the illusion that images of models, products and on occasion polo ponies are literally appearing beyond the walls and floating out into space and towards the audience. The experience featured a new ending, to incorporate the 'Design Your Own' collection,. 
At each screening, the atrium at KaDeWe - a large, brightly lit space is turned into a cinematic presentation area in a matter of minutes with the use of a combination of motorised blinds, projection screens and heavy black velvet drapes. The projection area is equivalent in size to six double decker buses.

Drive's motion graphics team created the impression of a building projection on the clean, white interior architecture at KaDeWe by projecting 3D architectural geometry, onto and into which the content of the show had been mapped.

Ben Fender, company director of Drive Productions, commented: "Architectural 4d video mapping is that rare thing - a technique that still has the wow factor - both in terms of the creative and technological possibilities it gives brands and in terms of consumer reactions to it.  
But the key factor to the success of this medium is the transformational content where It is now possible to create art installations that act as stand-alone pieces of global advertising- bringing together art technology and in this case 'design your own' fashion into one perfect package."

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