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5 Kasım 2011 Cumartesi

Meet German Fashion Designer Anke Domaske

Sadece 6 lt süt ile nasıl bir elbise yapılınabilir demeyin, bakın:)

Hem moda hem de bilim geçmişi olan Alman tasarımcı Anke Domaske ve ekibi, süt ve diğer maddeleri nasıl elbise yapımında kullabiliceklerini yıllardır araştırmışlar ve sonunda başarmışlar.Özet olarak sütün ısıtılmasıyla ortaya çıkan  kazein denilen bir protein, bu uygulamanın yapıtaşı.

Uygulama sürecini bütün ayrıntılarını ise aşağıdaki İngilizce kısmından okuyabilirsiniz fakat şunu demem gerekiyor ki bu “buluş”uyla Domaske ,markamı nasıl öne çıkarabilirim konusunda diğer moda tasarımcılarından an itibariyle bin adım ilerde yerini almış durumda.

With just 6 liters of milk,this designer can create one amazing dress!

Meet German fashion designer, Anke Domaske. You may already be familiar with her Mademoiselle Chi-Chi label as the Hanover based label has been seen on some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. Misha Barton and Ashlee Simpson are just a few stars who love to sport her edgy designs. But what you may not know is that Anke recently unveiled her new collection and it’s made from….MILK!

Anke and her team spent years experimenting with milk and other ingredients to come up with the complicated and natural fabric QMilch. But just how and why did a fashion designer come to create this truly revolutionary bio thread derived from milk?

Let’s start from the beginning. Growing up in Germany, Anke Domaske had somewhat of a nontraditional educational background for a fashion designer. Yes, Anke did have a love for fashion which was fostered by her talented grandmother who was a milliner. However, she also had a true undeniable passion for science. Wanting to explore her scientific studies and learn more about the field, she began to study microbiology while simultaneously creating her own fashion label. Somehow she managed to find that perfect balance between her two passions by designing clothes with something you can find in your fridge! I bet you are scratching your head right about now. Don’t fret, I am here to break it down for you
So just how does milk become a fiber to use in clothing manufacturing?
The Process:There is a protein that is derived from sour milk called, casein. This protein is extracted from dried milk powder, heated and pressed in a meat-mincing type machine. The fiber comes out in strand like form and is then made into yarn on a spinning machine.“We have developed an all-natural fiber consisting of a very high concentration of casein, with a few other natural ingredients — and in only two years,” the former microbiology student Domaske said.
The pros to using this eco-thread:

1.Due to its anti-bacterial qualities, the milk fiber can also be used in medicine and makeup.

2. Unlike milk, these clothes wont expire. During the heating process, molecules are bound in such a way that protein can’t decompose.

3. Eco friendly and considerably less expensive. Feels like silky smooth silk but less costly and can be produced without any pesticides.4. Feel good about recycling: The milk used is low grade and would normally be thrown away so you are not wasting.

5. Domaske says that QMilch fabric is not only made from all natural materials, but also has many health benefits. The amino acids in the protein do not only have antibacterial qualities they also have anti-aging benefits and can help regulate both blood circulation and body temperature.

o tell me FS readers, do you want to own one of these milk based dresses or what? Anke’s new inventive, milk-based fashions are going on show this summer, and she is already receiving some well deserved buzz from around the globe. We are also told a men’s line may be in the future for this young revolutionary designer. Wondering how much you will need to fork over to wear one of these cutting edge dresses? For only $290, you can wear something that looks great, feels luxurious and is good for the environment. Thanks to Anke Domaske, milk not only “does the body good” it’s also a healthy fashionable fiber.

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